Thursday, April 15, 2010

More proof . . .

My sisters and I always get a kick out of my mom's total inability to remember the names of cars or tell them apart. She just can't ever get it quite right. For instance, my sister Tammy drives a black Expedition but if my mom sees a black 15 passenger van she's says "Oh look! Is that Tammy?" It's awesome.

I've blogged before about this problem because it's something that comes up a lot in conversation in my family. (Need to refresh your memory? No problem - just click here, here, or here.) I recently blogged about a conversation that my mom and I had about what kind of car an Infiniti was. I had told her that I like Infiniti G-35s and she wanted to know who makes Infiniti because she kept thinking that "Infiniti" was the model name. Like a "Ford Infiniti" or something. We had this hilarious exchange that ended with me laughing and her shaking her head. (Click the first "here" above for the conversation). Anyway, lots of you defended her saying that she WAS actually right because Infinitis are actually the luxury line made my Nissan. But believe me friends, that is NOT what she was getting at. She still to this day thinks that an Infiniti is something you would buy at a Ford or Chevy dealership.

So my Uncle Bernie (my mom's brother) emailed me today with an article in an attempt to defend my mom on that issue once again. And that forces me to share another story to prove ONCE AND FOR ALL that my mom does NOT know her makes and models . . .

Mom: I keep mean to tell you, Erin, that I read a really interesting article that you need to read. It was all about a safety issue in your car. Your Durango is the Ford one, right?
Erin: Well . . . it's . . . I don't really know how to answer that question.
Mom: What? Why are y'all laughing?
Tammy: Because a Durango isn't a Ford.
Mom: Well, that's why I'm asking if ERIN'S Durango is a Ford.
[more laughter]
Erin: No - I actually opted for the DODGE one.
Tammy: That was a good choice . . . much better than the Ford ones.
Erin: Yes. That's what we thought. Matt did a lot of research before we bought it.
Mom: Okay. Well, this article was about safety issues in the FORD Durango.
Catherine: No . . . Mom -
[more laughter]
Tammy: [who drives a Ford Expedition] Okay - we need to figure out WHICH of us needs to read this article . . .

I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

I guess some of us just lack to ability to tell cars apart. I on the other hand have about a 90% success rate at telling you what car is following us at night based on the headlights. Its a gift really. :-)

Phyllis Eddings said...

I can tell most by the lights as well, Zack. Bet you're good with directions too!

But Catherine, I do want to clarify that although Inifinity is made by Nissan, it IS it's own brand just as Lexus is its own brand. I'm on YOUR side.