Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tip of the Day

The other day, I logged onto my email account at work and noticed a Tip of the Day. I was mildly curious so I read on, thinking that I might learn some new shortcut or helpful hint that would make life easier. What I found, instead, was this:

Compose a new e-mail message by clicking New Mail on the toolbar.

Reply to a message by selecting a message and clicking Reply on the toolbar.

When you're done typing the message, select Send from the message toolbar.


You know, I think any person who needs this Tip of the Day might not QUITE be ready for email . . .


Anonymous said...

If they don't even know that much, how the heck are they expected to get this "Tip of the Day" via e mail?Helloooo!

Anonymous said...

Girl you would be suprised at some of the things I see. I had to wave my fee for going out to a ladies house one time becuase her "computer failure" turn out to be a computer un-plugged from the wall. :-/ If that humors you, there is a must read, short book for you. "Love your Geek".