Friday, April 30, 2010

Ho-ly! What a good deal!

My brother-in-law Matt saw an ad today that he thought looked interesting so he passed it on to me:

Wow. If you're a Rayford Ho, this is DEFINITELY the place to go. But how do they monitor who gets the discount - do you have to show like a Ho ID card or something? Or maybe be able to pay in all 1 dollar bills? And do people get offended when the cashier just automatically gives them the 10% off? That could get a little dicey.

It's really too bad because I'd like to get in on this but I'm not sure I can pass as a Rayford Ho. I don't have an ID and I don't really have the right wardrobe . . . the most ho-ish thing I could wear is a threadbare Old Navy Perfect tee without a tank top underneath. And something tells me that's not gonna cut it.

Dang hos get everything.


Emma said...

I thought you were a shoe ho & a sunglass ho.....give yourself some credit!!!

Phyllis Eddings said...

Maybe it applies to Asians whose last name is Ho?

Anonymous said...

If you are able to get yo nails did, whatever you do, don't ask for the happy ending!!!

Christi said...

LAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your new theme song "She's a hoooooooooooo...." I should walk in there, belly and all and ask for the ho special. Tell them that's how I got this way in the first place and then see if I get the savings.