Monday, March 26, 2012

Ben's BFF

My sister Tammy called me the other day to tell me about a funny conversation she'd had with my nephew, Ben.  They had spent the afternoon at a home-school function where Ben had been running around playing with some kids he hadn't met before.  At one point, he ran up to Tammy, breathless and looking for someone.  That's when they had this conversation:

Ben: Hey, Mommy.  I'm looking for my BFF - have you seen him?
Tammy: [confused] Your BFF?
Ben: Yeah.  We were just playing and then he left to go potty but now I can't find him.
Tammy: Oh.  Well, what's his name?
Ben:  I don't know.
Tammy: You don't know his name?  I thought he was your BFF!
Ben: He is.  [spotting the BFF] THERE HE IS!
[runs over to his friend]
Ben to BFF: Hey, BFF!  I've been looking for you! [running off to play together]

Oh to be young again . . .

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brake Damage

My friend Sarah is studying abroad this semester.  She recently spent a week in Italy (lucky girl!) and was a bit concerned about a sign that was posted on the door of her hostel.  So, naturally, she took a picture, posted it on facebook, and sent me a copy:

On one hand, you can appreciate him making the effort to translate things to English for his English-speaking patrons.

But, on the other hand, has he really cleared anything up??

Monday, March 12, 2012

Breakinig News

I was watching the news the other day, following the tornado outbreaks in Alabama, my old law-school stomping ground.  All was normal in my world as I sat on my couch watching a breaking news alert unfold . . .

And then, suddenly and without warning, the breaking news changed to BREAKINIG news . . .

You can imagine my alarm.  I didn't know - and still don't - if "breakinig" news is worse than just plain ol' "breaking" news?  And, if so, was anyone notifying LuAnne and the reporter out there in Alabama so that they could take cover?  Did I need to take cover?  Just as I was about to really start panicking, I realized that it was just a weird, mid-breaking news type-o. 

And that's when my eyeballs started breakinig . . .