Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello, my name is Maroon Yukon.

I went to San Diego this weekend (more on that in later posts) and came back this evening at around 8ish. My mom picked me up from the airport and we began to navigate our way out of the airport area and, as we were driving, she shared this little tidbit with me: "Well, Tammy and Erin were wondering if I would even be able to come get you tonight because they put me on new sleep medication." These are not words you want to hear from the person in the driver's seat of a large SUV in which you are a helpless passenger. She went on to explain that her doctor took her off of her Ambien and gave her a new pill to take to help her sleep, that she didn't do well on it, and was still recovering from the effects of it as late as 3:00 this afternoon. She assured me that she was feeling better and that her reaction times were good but, strangely, those assurances did nothing to assuage my fears so I double-checked my seat belt periodically throughout our trip.

My favorite part of our drive home came when we were back in The Woodlands area. There are big, electronic road signs along the freeway where they'll put traffic announcements and Amber alerts and tonight there was an Amber alert on it that read like this:

Kidnapped Child
Maroon Yukon
XRT 444 [or some license plate number . . .]

So as we were driving past this sign, we had this conversation:

Mom: I just hate seeing that sign.
Me: Yeah, that's really sad.
Mom: At first I thought the kid's name was Maroon Yukon. I didn't know that a Yukon was a car.
Me: What?
Mom: Yeah, I just thought her name was Maroon. But then when I realized it was a car, I didn't even TRY to look for her because I have no idea what a Yukon looks like. I mean, is it big or is it little??
Me: Mom - WHY do you tell me these things? You know I'll have to blog about this now. You give me no choice.
Mom: Well, I mean you can see how I could make that mistake.
Me: No . . . I CAN'T.
Mom: Well, there are so many, you know, foreign people so I just thought it was a foreign name.
Me: Uh huh . . .
Mom: But then I realized it was a car and I just gave up. I figured it was a big car because of the name Yukon. I mean, if it's as big as the whole Yukon, that would be a big car!
Me: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

So just like that, all the things that I wanted to blog about from my trip took a back seat to my mom and her latest entertaining conversation.

But on a serious note: I kinda like the name "Maroon" for a girl . . .


Lisa said...

sounds like something an aggie would name their kid....