Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My mom the car aficionado.

My mom, in addition to being a great source of blog material, is a GREAT sport about all the fun my sisters and I make of her. She endures being the butt of our jokes with such a great sense of humor that I almost feel BAD when I blog about her.

BUT . . . what're ya gonna do?

Last night my mom and I were walking into the movie theater for a late show and we had this conversation:

Mom: So what kind of car do you think you'll get next? You know - when you're ready for a new one.
Me: Ummmmm . . . I don't know. Maybe an Infiniti G-35? They're really pretty.
Mom: Oooooo! An Infiniti? Who makes that?
Me: Infiniti.
Mom: I know. But who makes it? Lexus?
Me: No - it's an Infiniti G-35. It's just an Infiniti.
Mom: [sighs in exasperation] I KNOW. But is it a Lexus or a . . . something else . . .?
Me: [laughing now] I'm answering your question! It's an Infiniti. Period. That's who makes it. You would go to an Infiniti dealership to get one.
Mom: [shaking her head like she's giving up]
Me: Your question is like asking if a Ford is made by Dodge.
Mom: No - no it's not. It's like asking if an F-530 is made by Chevy.
Me: Wow . . . you . . . that's . . . you need to stop talking. You know I'm going to write about this now.
Mom: Well . . . that's fine. But you're wrong on this one . . .

Thanks for being such a great sport, Mamasita!!


Phyllis Eddings said...

Well, you'd be telling the truth, and making her happy if you said it was Nissan. Infiniti is made by them, just as Acura is made by Honda & Lexus is made by Toyota.

Deborah said...

that is too should definately go for the G-35. Jeremy had one for a year and we loved it. The 6 speed is a little stiff for a standard, (which is what we had), but one time we had a loner and it was an automatic and it was fabulous. He liked it until the new Pontiac G8 came out - so he had to get a new one of those and trade in the G-35.