Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My mom the car aficionado.

My mom, in addition to being a great source of blog material, is a GREAT sport about all the fun my sisters and I make of her. She endures being the butt of our jokes with such a great sense of humor that I almost feel BAD when I blog about her.

BUT . . . what're ya gonna do?

Last night my mom and I were walking into the movie theater for a late show and we had this conversation:

Mom: So what kind of car do you think you'll get next? You know - when you're ready for a new one.
Me: Ummmmm . . . I don't know. Maybe an Infiniti G-35? They're really pretty.
Mom: Oooooo! An Infiniti? Who makes that?
Me: Infiniti.
Mom: I know. But who makes it? Lexus?
Me: No - it's an Infiniti G-35. It's just an Infiniti.
Mom: [sighs in exasperation] I KNOW. But is it a Lexus or a . . . something else . . .?
Me: [laughing now] I'm answering your question! It's an Infiniti. Period. That's who makes it. You would go to an Infiniti dealership to get one.
Mom: [shaking her head like she's giving up]
Me: Your question is like asking if a Ford is made by Dodge.
Mom: No - no it's not. It's like asking if an F-530 is made by Chevy.
Me: Wow . . . you . . . that's . . . you need to stop talking. You know I'm going to write about this now.
Mom: Well . . . that's fine. But you're wrong on this one . . .

Thanks for being such a great sport, Mamasita!!


Ms. E said...

Well, you'd be telling the truth, and making her happy if you said it was Nissan. Infiniti is made by them, just as Acura is made by Honda & Lexus is made by Toyota.

Deborah said...

that is too should definately go for the G-35. Jeremy had one for a year and we loved it. The 6 speed is a little stiff for a standard, (which is what we had), but one time we had a loner and it was an automatic and it was fabulous. He liked it until the new Pontiac G8 came out - so he had to get a new one of those and trade in the G-35.