Monday, April 19, 2010

Priceless Moments

This weekend I took my nieces Emma (9) and Savannah (7) to San Diego to see some dear family friends who moved away a year and a half ago. It was SUCH a fun trip with them. We got to hang out with the Vu family and see all the great sights of San Diego - the seals in La Jolla, the beach, the zoo, Old Town, aaaaaaand, my personal favorite, all the servicemen walking around.

One of the best parts of the trip for me was having conversations with the kids and overhearing them talking to each other. Here are a few of my favorites:

An Honest Conversation:
Sav: [knocks on bathroom door in hotel]
Emma: [from inside bathroom] I'm about to go potty.
Sav: Okay. But I have to go BAD.
Emma: Okay. [opening door] I can wait to go poo.
Sav: Okay. [walking into bathroom]
Emma: But hurry because I REALLY have to go poo bad and I'm about to start tooting.
Sav: Well then just go.
Emma: No, it's okay. You're just going number 1, right.
Sav: Yeah. But I REALLY don't wanna have to start listening to you toot.

It was all handled in very business like tones which made it even better. Hilarious.

Each of the kids had a Visa gift card from my mom and they were using them to buy souvenirs for their families. They tried to spend all their money in the hotel gift shop on our first day there but I reminded them that we would be going to the beach and zoo and that there would be lots of gift shops in those places so they should look around before they bought anything. They held off for a while but, in the end, bought all their souvenirs from the zoo and from the hotel gift shop. While we were in the gift shop at the zoo, I tried to encourage them to buy themselves a souvenir, as well. Emma decided to use that opportunity to teach me a lesson about selflessness:

Me: Now, don't forget to buy something for yourselves. Don't you want a San Diego t-shirt or a stuffed animal or something?
Emma: Catchy, you have to remember J.O.Y.
Me: Okaaaaaaay . . .
Emma: J.O.Y. - Jesus Others You. So I have to make sure I buy stuff for everyone else before I get something for myself.
Me: Oh. Well, that's a great way to think, Emma. But don't forget that we are still going to Old Town to eat and there will be souvenir shops there for you to buy stuff for your family. So you don't have to get it all here.
Emma: Well, Catchy, I wanna just get it all done here because this stuff is cheap and then I can spend all the rest on myself . . .

Well, we're on the right track, at least . . .

What an idea!
While we were on the plane coming home, the person in the row in front of us pushed the flight attendant button and the lights on their row came on. This piqued Savannah's curiosity:

Sav: Catchy, why did she push that button?
Me: That's a good question. There's a button up there that has a picture of a flight attendant - do you see it?
Sav: Yes.
Me: Well, you can push that button if you have a question for the flight attendant or if you need help.
Sav: So that lady needed help?
Me: I think she might just have a question.
Sav: [pointing to the light button, which has a picture of a light bulb on it] See that button with the light bulb on it? What's that button for? Is it for like if you have a good idea?

So cute. And I think it WOULD be a good idea to have a Good Idea button on a plane!



Unknown said...

OMG what a riot! I just wish people who read your blog could actually hear their voices. I'm pretty sure neither one of them thought they said anything even remotely funny. Sincere little things. Great Blog.

Emma said...

Way too cute!! And they did have an incredible time....they'll remember for a lifetime!

Unknown said...

I lOVE the last one!! I hadn't heard that one and it so precious. It's possible I'm a little weepy right now!!! The J.O.Y. one is HILARIOUS!!

Unknown said...

Good stuff! Sounds like FUN! I'm pretty sure the girls won't forgive you when you publish that in your book and you make their boyfriends read it!