Friday, April 23, 2010


Today is my sister Erin's birthday . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIN! She and her husband have decided that they will celebrate her birthday by going to Jazz Fest in New Orleans this month. Tonight my mom, God bless 'er, tried to have a conversation with Erin about their trip and the result was awesome, as usual:

Mom: So now why are you wanting to go to New Orleans?
Erin: Because Matt wants to see Pearl Jam and they're playing there.
Mom: Don't they have concerts closer to Houston?
Erin: Well, yeah. But it's Jazz Fest and we've been wanting to go to it for a while.
Mom: Now what's Jazz Fest?
Erin: Well, it's a festival in New Orleans and they have lots of bands that play and it's just .
Mom: Oh! It's like Mop-a-lop . . . [seeing Erin's blank stare] . . . oooooooor Zoopaloopa . . . ?
Erin: Lollapalooza?
Mom: Yeah. That.

Honestly, I just don't know how her brain comes up with these things. Tonight Erin said that one of us should call her to see if should could recall the name "Pearl Jam" - we figured it would be pretty entertaining. So while I was writing this post, I called her up:

Me: Hey, Mom - do you remember the name of the band that Erin and Matt want to go see in New Orleans?
Mom: Yeah! It's ummmmmm . . . ummmmmm . . . oh what is it . . . ummmmm . . . jamming . . . jamming . . . jamming something. Yeah. Jamming Something.
[silence while I laugh]
Mom: I remember because I just started buying jam instead of jelly . . .

Awesome. Just awesome.


~Rebecca said...

FANTASTIC! I love how she 'remembered' the name of the band. hilarious!