Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wait. Did I read that right??

I was in an elevator this week and happened to look at the Certificate of Compliance on the wall. Just something to stare at while I'm waiting for the elevator to get to the second floor. Don't judge me - I had a heavy trial box so I couldn't take the stairs. Get off my back.

Anyway . . . I was standing there looking at the Certificate of Compliance, just passing the time. Aaaaaaaaaand then I noticed the due date for the next inspection . . .

I put my glasses on just to make sure I was reading that right. Yep. I was. That's when I started sweating profusely and hyperventilating.

And let's be honest - if I'm gonna sweat profusely and hyperventilate anyway, I might as well just take the stairs.


Emma said...

OMG!! That's crazy & funny! I'm going to start checking those things out!

Phyllis Eddings said...

Ours at work was overdue for awhile, but I've noticed it's been updated recently. Maybe those elevator inspectors just have a hard time finding their way out to Huntsville.

Kristen Tribe said...

Yikes! I never pay attention to those things ... guess I will now.

Jojo said...

Hi, I'm someone you don't know (Jennifer Johnson). Actually you might remember me as I vaguely remember you. I went to Union with Ellen. Anyway, I have come to your blog via Ellen's and saw this post.

(Now moving on past my rambles...)

I have a friend in the elevator industry and he informed me a lot of times the building owners just don't put up the new certificates. If you look up this one on the site listed you will see the last inspections was actually 10/14/2009 so you are safe. :)