Monday, April 12, 2010

Favorite quotes from the weekend.

Spending time with my family will ALWAYS yield good material and this weekend was no different for me. Here are my two favorite conversations from the last couple of days:

First, Ben (my 6 year old nephew) and Avery (my 5 year old niece) had this discussion over Mexican food:

Ben: You don't know everything like I do.
Avery: Yes, I do.
Ben: No, you don't. Because your mom hasn't taught you everything.
Avery: [very upset at this accusation] Mommy! Ben says you haven't taught me everything!!!
Erin: Well, no one knows EVERYTHING.
Avery: [feeling vindicated and then turning to Ben] Yeah.
Ben: [determined to prove his point] Well, then what's 100 plus 100?
Erin: [mouthing the answer to Avery silently . . .] Two hundred.
Avery: [to Ben] Two hundred.
Ben: What's eight hundred plus eight hundred?
Erin: [mouthing again . . .] Sixteen hundred.
Avery: [misinterpreting Erin's answer] Six hundred.
Ben: [triumphantly and with an air of 6-year-old superiority] No. It's TEN hundred.
Erin: [in one of her more mature moments . . .] Nuh uh . . . it's sixteen hundred.

Then my mom was trying to tell us how she and her friend had walked to a new accessories store on Market Street, which is a little shopping area in my hometown. They normally walk to the Starbucks on Market Street but had decided to check out this new store, instead, and she just thought she'd tell us about it. That's always a mistake for her . . .

Mom: This morning, Stephanie and I walked to Charming Charlie's on Market Street!
Erin: Oh, really? How'd you like it?
Mom: Good! It was something different. We normally walk to Sweet Things.
Erin: [pause] You mean Starbucks?
Mom: Whatever.
Erin: No. Mom. I need you to understand that it's "Starbucks."
Mom: [shaking her head] What. Ever.

I honestly don't know where she comes up with these things.

And doesn't she realize that if we DID have a place around here called Sweet Things, I'd be walking there with her, too?