Monday, March 8, 2010

Mom - you Rascal . . .

I went to my mom's house tonight to watch the Oscars with her, my sister Erin, and my aunt Maureen, who is visiting from Chicago. My aunt suggested that we let the Oscars record a while and watch an episode of CSI that she had recorded first. This, she suggested, would do two things: allow her to clear the recorded program from the DVR and allow us to watch the Oscars sans commercials. We agreed that it was a good idea so we started watching CSI.

My mom and aunt had specifically saved this particular episode of CSI for me because it had a guest appearance by one of my favorite bands - Rascal Flatts. Have you heard of them? It's a country band made up of three guys named Gary, Joe Don, and Jay. I really love their sound and my mom knew that so she wanted me to be able to see the episode. It was really sweet of her.

And it was REALLY sweet of her to give me more material for my blog tonight:

Mom: Aren't you excited?? It's Rascal Flatts! You really like him, don't you?
Me: Yeah, I do. I love their music.
Mom: [looking at lead singer] Now is that Rascal?
Erin: Oh, that's embarrassing . . .
Me: Well, the whole band is called Rascal Flatts. That's not HIS name. It's the BAND'S name. I think HIS name is Gary.
Mom: [looking at TV, giving no indication of whether she heard me . . .]
[show continues. a few minutes pass.]
Mom: [looking at bass player] Okay - is THAT one Rascal?
Me: [Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Guess she didn't hear me . . .] No - No, Mom. That's the name of the BAND. The BAND. There's no one named Rascal in the band. At all.
Mom: That's not him?
Erin: Catherine - I can't take it anymore.
Mom: Why are y'all laughing?
[show continues. a few minutes pass again. the band is playing a song.]
Mom: Now is this one of his real songs?
Me: It's not a "him" - it's -
Erin: [laughing] Catherine - just stop. You're as much to blame for this now as she is.
[show ends.]
Mom: Wasn't that fun? I knew he was one of your favorites!
Me: Okay. I give up.
Erin: [shaking her head] Well, thank goodness the MONKEES weren't guest-starring . . .


Anonymous said...

I met Jethro Tull once. He's nice.

Phyllis Eddings said...

Now see, I don't understand why she thought it was a person. I think it sounds more like a place, in spite of the double "t". You know, the flats area where the rascals hang out? Or better yet, the apartments in London where rascals live.

Amanda B said...

OMG. I'm about to pee my pants and choke on my lunch all at the same time. I love your mom!!!