Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TFI . . . Too Funny, Isn't it?

I always love my mom's interpretations of common phrases, expressions, and names. Like the other day, I mentioned that I was about to watch 24, which is one of my favorite television shows. She called me later and said "Are you still watching 29?" These are the little gems that make conversations with my mom so entertaining.

And she never lets me down.

My mom, my sister Erin, my Aunt Maureen, and I got into a conversation this past weekend with a really sweet waiter who gave us WAY more information about his relationship history than we probably needed to know. He told us how he is dating a girl who was in a long-term relationship with another girl . . . then added that she's not a lesbian or anything. He told us how she lived with her girlfriend for 3 years . . . then assured us that it wasn't sexual or anything. It just got more and more personal every time he opened his mouth. And I just had to concentrate on two things: 1) not allowing my eyes to bug out and 2) not making eye contact with any member of my family because I knew I would lose it if I did.

After we left the restaurant, we walked back to our cars and had this conversation along the way.

Erin: Wow.
Me: Seriously! I was really scared I was going to make eye contact with you and that would have been it for me.
Erin: I know! Every time he opened his mouth I thought "Wow - didn't see THAT coming."
Me: Me, too!
Mom: I just kept thinking "Uhhhhh . . . TFI!"
Erin and I: [stopped dead in our tracks and bent over laughing]
Erin: It's T-M-I, Mom. As in too M-M-M-M-MUCH information . . .
Mom: Oh whatever.

Oh, Mom. I can always count on you!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'm gonna stop talkin' to you people! Maybe, just maybe, I meant Too Freakin' Intimate!! Ever think of that? Huh?

Catherine said...

Some people have asked me why I deleted the first comment and they're wondering if someone said something bad. So FYI - the first comment was from my mom and she deleted it because she needed to fix a misspelled word. And she didn't want me to make fun of her again. :)

So nothing sinister!!