Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mirrow mirrow on the wall . . .

We all know someone who pronounces at least one word strangely. You can probably think of ten people who say "chester drawers" instead of "chest o' drawers" or "Illinoissssse" instead of "Ill-i-noy." And then there's always the person in your life who says "All-timer's" or "Old-timer's" instead of "Alz-hei-mer's." Or maybe YOU'RE the one mispronouncing those words. In that case . . . please stop.

Anyway . . . have you ever known anyone who pronounces "mirror" as "mirrow?" Well, you would if you visited this store in San Antonio:

And poor things had a little trouble with "armoires," too:

You would think that SOMEONE would have caught those before they were painted. Aaaaaaaaand outlined. But I'm so glad that spelling is not their forte because it made me laugh. And it made me wish that that this store weren't in San Antonio because I'd drive by it every day just for a laugh if it were in Euston.

I mean Houston.


The Leuenberger's said...

You need to send those pics into Ellen. She features crazy photos on her show.

Catherine said...

I actually did send in my 4th grade school pic - you know, the permullet one? Your favorite? We'll see what happens with that! :)

~Rebecca said...

we just moved to SA...going to have to check that one out. hilarious!