Monday, March 22, 2010

Little orphan Catchy?

I love that I live so close to my sisters and that I get to have such a close relationship with my nieces and nephew. I love that I get to have them over for slumber parties, that they know that when their mommies so no, Catchy will say yes, and that I've had the opportunity to brainwash them into thinking that I am the best aunt that ever lived.

No but, seriously - I am.

I love watching them and listening to them but sometimes I wonder what they observe about ME. What will they remember about me from their childhoods? Do they think that I'm a good person? Do they see me treating people well? Am I good role model for them? Am I someone they look up to? These are important things to think about when you're the greatest aunt that ever lived - I want to be a good influence in their lives and I hope that I'm the type of person they would want to be.

This weekend, I got a little insight into what they observe about me when my sister Tammy told me about a funny conversation that she had with my 6 year old nephew, Ben:

Ben: Mommy . . . when I grow up, I don't wanna get married.
Tammy: Why not?
Ben: Because I wanna be like Catchy - I wanna be an orphan.

Hilarious. And I think it's the first time in history that the phrase "I wanna be an orphan" wasn't followed immediately by a CPS investigation . . .

So it looks like we might need to have a little vocabulary lesson with Ben. But, in the meantime . . . looks like I'm making the single life look good!


Emma said...

I love it!!!!!

Unknown said...

That is so so cute!!