Thursday, March 18, 2010

The greatest Nora translation of all time.

We have an Irish pub in our town called Goose's Acre and it's really a great place to eat. We call it a pub but, in reality, it's more like a restaurant with a pub feel so it's a popular place for lunch and dinner. It's located on our Waterway here in town and we love to go up there for lunch on pretty days and sit at a table on the Waterway. You really can't beat it.

As you know, today was St. Patrick's Day and, not surprisingly, half the town celebrates it at Goose's Acre because it's . . . well . . . Irish so naturally it's the first place that pops into everyone's mind. Including my mom's. But the difference between my mom and everyone else is that they remember the name of it . . .

Mom: Do you want meet for lunch today?
Erin: Sure!
Mom: I was thinking it would be fun to meet up at Lazy Oaks.
Erin: Lazy Oaks?
Mom: Yeah!
Erin: [racking her brain to figure out the translation from Nora-ese to English]
Mom: [Totally unaware that she wasn't even CLOSE to getting the name right] We could get a table on the river!
Erin: [eyebrows furrowed, concentrating on a spot on the floor, still thinking . . .]
Mom: You know - since it's such a nice day.
Erin: [closing eyes and rubbing forehead, still thinking and muttering as if something will come to her . . .] Lazy Oaks . . . Lazy Oaks . . . Lazy Oaks . . .
Mom: I think it would be fun!
Erin: Lazy Oaks . . . Lazy - . . . GOOSE'S ACRE??
Mom: [As if that's what she'd said all along . . .] Yeah! Don't you think that would be fun?
Erin: Wow. You were pretty close, Mom . . .

MAJOR props to Erin for figuring that one out. I mean, she had NOTHING to work with. Normally there's some kind of connection, you know? Like we were able to figure out that "Killing Sergeant Somebody" was Nora-ese for "Saving Private Ryan" because there was at least a military reference. But Lazy Oaks has NOTHING to do with Goose's Acre. There's no connection whatsoever . . . I have no idea how she did it. That has to be one of the greatest translation feats of all time.

Bravo, Erin. Bravo.


Emma said...

Cracking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristen Tribe said...

Hilarious! Kudos to Erin. Amazing work.