Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thai-riffic art!

I had lunch with my friend Amy today at a place in The Woodlands called Thai Cottage. Our friend Zach had seen some interesting art over there so we thought we'd go check it out for ourselves. We were NOT disappointed.

When you walk in the doors of the Thai Cottage you are struck by how nice the place seems - it's not some little hole-in-the-wall dive. The furniture is very nice, the sushi bar looks really cool, and the menu is good. Plus, the entry way is decorated with some fine art pieces that scream "Welcome! We hope you enjoy our Thai food!":

At first when I saw this, I thought "Well, if this is what happens when you eat Thai food, sign me up!" I mean, sure the alignment is off but the perkiness is pretty impressive. And yeah, the weird neck rolls and the strange chin would be inconvenient but did I mention that the perkiness would be impressive? But then I saw the other pictures in the entry:

And then I realized that it has nothing to do with Thai food. Rather, it has everything to do with the fact that this artist is 1) using his compass from his high school geometry class to draw boobs and 2) related to the artists from Mama Juanita's and the Grotto. Holy boob obsession!

Then we walked into the restaurant where we saw a couple of these guys around:

Yeah. I could make a few comments about this guy. I could question what kind of . . . ummmmm . . . instrument he's playing. I could draw attention to the look of admiration and love on his face. Or I could make some sort of off-color joke with a punch line like "You call THAT an egg roll" . . . or something like that. But I won't. I'm above that. I'm not touching it with a 10 foot . . . ummmmm . . . pole.

While waiting for my lunch to arrive, I decided to run to the restroom real quick. On my way there, I noticed this sign:
It seemed a tad out of place, mainly because it clearly belongs in a Mexican restaurant circa 1970. But also because it wasn't in the bathroom area. But who am I to judge?

So I walked into the little hallway where the doors to the men's and women's rooms are located. Rather than a sign that spelled it out for you, each door had a picture to help you discern which was the men's room and which was the ladies' room. Easy enough, right?

Then I looked at one:
Is this a riddle? Is Thai Cottage testing me? I mean, this person has a fu manchu mustache so it's clearly a man, right? But it is also wearing lavender yoga capris so it's clearly a woman, right? I don't know what's happening in this picture. And what's he doing with his legs? It's like he's intentionally hiding the definitive evidence that would help us decide which restroom this is. And then, seeing where we're looking, he's wagging his finger at us coyly as if to say "Tsk tsk. No cheating." Honestly, if you decide it's the men's room, the next question is "How bad do I REALLY have to go?"

To help me with the riddle, I looked over at the other door and found a much more helpful picture:
You know, I'm not really sure that the "hair pulled back" look is the right one for her - she could really use some help to cover that forehead and her shockingly large temple area. But I AM impressed that she can get her hair up that perfectly with just one arm . . . But you know, although she is clearly a SHE (which was helpful, I admit), the look on her face gives me an uneasy feeling. It's as if she's saying "You think this is the women's room? Are you suuuuuuuuuure?"


No, I'm not.


Emma said...

???? Those were crazy!! Loved the one on the Men's door!

Unknown said...

I'm not so sure the picture on the women's restroom was a woman. It looked a little like a man dressed up as a woman too! It was easier to tell when you could see the boobs thru their clothes! Too funny!

Unknown said...

okay, i am crying i'm laughing sooo hard. The compass comment started it, but the the tsk tsk no cheating beat really got me going. i loved it! the toilet sign with the two people that wasn't where the restrooms were, was hilarious too. If you look closely it looks like the same the man just dressed in drag or something? and the last lady's face looked like the thai version of E.T.!!!