Monday, January 18, 2010

Not so "out of character" . . .

My sister Erin had a conversation with my mom this weekend that I thought you all would enjoy:

Erin: Hey, mom! Whatchya doin'?
Mom: Oh, just getting ready to go to the movies with Vicki.
Erin: Oh, really? What are y'all going to see?
Mom: Out of Character.
Erin: "Out of Character"?
Mom: Yeah. I've been REALLY wanting to see it.
Erin: [silence] "Out of Character"?
Mom: Yeah.
Erin: [silence] Ummmmm . . .
Mom: Should be good.
Erin: Do you mean "It's Complicated?"
Mom: Yeah.
Erin: Wow.

So that's it - just thought I'd kick-start your week with a little dose of Nora . . .


Kristen Tribe said...

Ha, ha, ha! You know, whatever, they're just words. No need to be exact.

Tracy said...

love it!