Monday, June 22, 2009

Bad Hair Day Monday . . . The Sir Lancemullet!!

Well, we've explored my mullet in its many phases: the early years, the scraggly years, the Permullet and now the fourth and final phase . . . the bobbed mullet, which I shall henceforth call The Sir Lancemullet. And I like to say it with dramatic flair. And an English accent. I think it deserves no less . . .

Seriously - who let me get this haircut? This is nothing short of criminal. And, lucky for me, it's preserved for posterity in my 5th grade yearbook. I look like I was transported straight from King Arthur's table, don't I? It's ridiculous . . . isn't it, m'lady?

There are a lot of great things going on here with this particular haircut. First, don't you love the curled bangs? Adds a feminine touch to this Medieval pageboy look, doesn't it? Second, notice to meticulous cut across the ear. A soft slope down the ear would NOT do - this mullet had to make a statement about the beautiful relationship between the ear and the hairline - the provocative lobe peep show that can be achieved. It's amazing. Don't be jealous.

Third, one of the best things about this bobbed mullet is that it shows off my cowlick. Like so . . .

I know, I know. I make natural beauty look easy.

Fourth, check out the blunt, uneven cut on the bob. You would THINK that the well-trained folks at the ever-so-classy Fantastic Sam's would have done better than this. But, apparently, the women they hired had some anger issues they were working out on my hair:

By the look on my face, I think it's clear that I'm planning a bloody revenge while getting a unicorn painted on my cheek. I can't even bring myself to smile at the skating rink with my friend:
Well, could YOU?

And that rounds out the many faces of my mullet. First through fifth grade . . . that's dedication to a haircut, people. And can you believe we haven't even gotten to my awkward phase yet??

Ps - if any of you have bad hair pics that you don't mind me posting and making LOTS of fun of, email them to me! I promise I'll give you anonymity if you request it! :)


The Queen of my Domain said...

Hystercal! Catch, you really need to be writing a book! I think anyone who was ever a child has a bad hair picture or two!!! Keep em coming!

Pam said...

Two words for you from the first's cradle.

Jill said...

Ok, didn't know I was signed in as my mom. Read "Pam" as "Jill". : )

Catherine said...

It WAS my cat's cradle yarn! I was always trying to learn how to do Jacob's ladder but, alas, never really got past cat's cradle.