Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"I feel funny."

I saw a video today that made me laugh so hard. And since I want this blog to be a place where we can all share a laugh with each other, I thought I'd post it here so YOU could enjoy it, too. Check it out . . .

Don't you remember that feeling of sitting in the dentist chair, basically getting gassed? I remember how they would put the mask over my face and I'd start breathing in that laughing gas and feeling so strange - like the way white noise or the snow screen on the TV must feel. Poor David was so concerned he would feel that way forever . . . don't you love how serious he is when he asks "Is this gonna be FOREVER??" I think I could list all my top dentist moments and none of them could compare with this video.

I could tell you about trying to drink a milkshake after a dentist visit in college and having my friend point out to me that the milkshake was actually running down my chin onto my shirt and I just couldn't feel it. But David would still win.

I could tell you about how I had my wisdom teeth removed and couldn't open my mouth bigger than about the size of a quarter and that my mom got me some mashed potatoes from Boston Chicken (before it became Boston Market) that made me sick. And how I suddenly found myself throwing up through a quarter-sized hole, hoping I didn't get "dry sockets" (what are those, anyway??)) while my sister and fellow wisdom tooth patient almost got dry sockets from laughing so hard at me. But it's just not as funny as this video.

I mean, his primal yell? Cracks me up every time. He looks positively crazed.

ANYWAY, that's good stuff, people. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


Emma said...

Great way to start a morning! Too funny! That yell was the best and I don't know, your puke tell goes right up there. :)

Unknown said...

bless his little heart...when he asked if this was real life, I almost died! poor baby! I can't believe the dad isn't just cracking up the whole time.

Erin said...

oops! I didn't realize I was signed in under mom's account. That was from me (Erin)!

Anonymous said...

My sister had dry sockets when she had her wisdom teeth taken out. YOU DON'T WANT THEM!!!!