Friday, July 16, 2010

Sometimes honesty is NOT the best policy . . .

Kids are brutally honest. And my nieces and nephew are no exception . . . they definitely tell it like it is. I've written before about how they hold nothing back when it comes to me being single and not having kids but I've never written about how they put it all on the table with my mom, too.

For example . . .

My 6 year old nephew, Ben, was sitting on my mom's lap watching TV with her. He picked up her elbow so that her arm was at a 90 degree angle with her upper arm parallel to the ground and her forearm and hand pointing upward. He closely studied the loose skin hanging on my mom's upper arm and then had this conversation with her:

Ben: Dearsie?
Mom: Yes?
Ben: Your arm is like a hammock.
Mom: Oh. Thanks.
Ben: Cuz it hangs down.
Mom: Thank you for clarifying.
Ben: [poking at the skin so that it was swinging] See? It's like a hammock.
Mom: Yeah. I got it.

And my 5 year old niece Avery doesn't hold back, either. She recently had a slumber party with my mom (it was her Dearsie Day). She was very excited about hanging out with my mom all by herself and had planned some activities . . . iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiincluding Tag:

Mom: [with excitement] So what are we gonna do tonight?
Avery: Ummmm . . . we're gonna color and play tag!
Mom: [gulp] Tag?
Avery: Yep!
Mom: [again, with a slight crack in her voice] TAG?
Avery: Yep. Except we're gonna play "Walking Tag" . . . because you're old.
Mom: Oh good . . .

Luckily, they didn't play Tag that night. But they DID color together. And that's when they had this conversation:

Mom: So what do you think you're gonna be when you grow up, Avery?
Avery: A doctor.
Mom: A doctor?
Avery: Yep.
Mom: Well, that's good! Then you can take care of me when I get sick!
Avery: [looking at my mom like she just said something ridiculous] You'll be dead.
Mom: Okaaaaaay. Good to know.

Well, she might want to work on that bedside manner between now and then . . .

Geez . . . someone needs to teach these kids how to lie.


christi said...

hahahahahahahahahahha.... nothing else... just laughter. Your poor mom.