Monday, July 26, 2010

Yep. That's my luck.

This morning, my alarm went off and I hopped out of bed . . .

Oh boy - that was a good one. I just had to stop typing because I was laughing too hard at that sentence. Let me try it again.

This morning, my alarm went off and, after hitting the snooze button for an hour, I rolled out of bed. I had gone to church last night so my plan for the morning was to finish up a deposition outline that I need for work tomorrow. So I got up, got dressed without paying any attention to what I was putting on, and went downstairs. I made myself comfortable on my couch with my laptop and started working. An hour or so later, my doorbell rang. So I got up and answered the door . . . aaaaaaaaaaaaand found Gustavo standing there.

Gustavo. As in the yard guy I have a crush on . . .

He was stopping by to give me some receipts that I needed to help him with something that he's working on. The only problem was that I didn't know he was going to drop by so I answered the door looking a little rough.

With yesterday's mascara under my eyes.

And dirty hair.

And unbrushed teeth.

And sweat pants.

And a light pink shirt . . .


I greeted him with an exuberant "Hi!", trying hard to not breathe too hard when I spoke, lest he get a whiff of my morning breath. Then, as he walked into my foyer, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw the black bra mocking me through my shirt. That's when I fell to my knees, shook my fists at the sky, and yelled "Why, God?? WHY????" Gustavo stood there politely until I had regained my composure and then we chatted for a few minutes while I tried to think of how to put a piece of mint gum in my mouth without being too obvious. I was JUST about to grab my Spanish dictionary so that I could figure out how to say "Sorry I look like such a dirty, greasy tramp" or "My kingdom for a dark shirt and a toothbrush!" but he was leaving so I let it go.

Seriously . . . why do these things happen to me?


Phyllis Eddings said...

Well, darlin', if he doesn't love you like that, then he doesn't love you. That's all I'm sayin'.