Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Name that Restaurant!

Last night I was at my mom's house and she asked me to help her redeem a gift certificate online so I got on the redemption website and then entered in her certificate number. She had earned $100 through her credit card but, when we got to the site, we realized that it wasn't really a gift certificate. It basically entitled her to $100 in discounts to various restaurants. We talked about what a rip-off the whole thing was and we talked bad about the credit card company's mother . . . well, really - she should have raised them better than that, right?

ANYWAY, the site listed lots of restaurants that were "participating partners" and you just had to find one on there that you liked, then click to get some totally realistic and usable deal like $100 off your next $200 purchase at Joe's BBQ. Like I said - total rip off . . .

ANYWAY, we were trying to find a restaurant that we actually recognized on the list and we weren't having much luck. The site had a search feature so my mom wanted me to look up a couple of restaurants by name to see if they were on the list. As my mom is predictably and hilariously bad at remembering the names of places, this proved to be an entertaining task:

Me: Let's try Cheesecake Factory . . . [searching] . . . Nope.
Mom: What about that one that you always laugh about because I called it "Starburst?"
Me: Only if you can remember the name . . . [smiling with great anticipation].
Mom: [head down, thinking hard] Ummmm . . . don't tell me . . .
Me: Oh, I won't.
Mom: The name "Sawmill" is coming to mind . . .
Me: Close. It's "Saltgrass Steakhouse." [searching] Nope - not on there either.
Mom: What about . . . ummmmm . . . oh, what is it called . . .?
Me: [oh, this is gonna be good . . .]
Mom: I can't think of the name but . . . now don't laugh at me . . .
Me: [Laughing] I already am!
Mom: Well, I can't think it but . . . I WANNA say . . . "Crocodile Dundee" . . .?
Me: Crocodile Dundee???
Mom: Yeah . . . [head down, racking her brain] . . . oh! I got it! Outback Steakhouse!
Me: [belly laughing] CROCODILE DUNDEE??
Mom: Oh, shut up.

She never lets me down, that's for sure!

And, just in case you're wondering - that rip-off website didn't have any deals for Outback Steakhouse.

Or Crocodile Dundee . . .


Phyllis Eddings said...

Oh, come on, Catherine! I got Crocodile Dundee immediately. He's FROM the Outback. What else could it possibly be.

Unknown said...

I just laughed so hard I'm teary! I love that she got it herself too. Ohhhh Nora. I love that lady.