Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Such humility . . .

My mom (or "Dearsie," as the kids call her) has recently started a new tradition with my sisters' kids and she calls it Dearsie Day. What is "Dearsie Day," you ask? Well, it's a big stinkin' deal, that's what it is. Here's how it works: Each kid gets to pick a night to come spend with Dearsie all by himself or herself. Then, the next day, they get to pick an activity to do (i.e. bake a cake) with my mom and just spend the day hanging out and getting spoiled rotten by her. The kids LOVE it and they get so excited when it's their turn.

Last night was my 7 year old niece, Savannah's, night to spend the night with my mom. She sort of made the decision last minute while they were over swimming yesterday afternoon so she didn't have any pajamas with her for the slumber party. That wasn't a problem for my mom - she just made that a part of the special day and took Savannah up to the mall before it closed to let her pick out a super cute pair of pajamas for their slumber party. Savannah tried on LOTS of pajamas and came out and modeled them for my mom so they could pick the CUTEST pair. They had it narrowed down to a couple of cute ones when Savannah took the final pair into the dressing room and then had this conversation with my mom, through the dressing room door:

Savannah: Oh . . . Dearsie . . . I am so cute.
Dearsie: Well, come show me!
Savannah: I am SO cute in these.
Dearsie: [looking at the huge three way mirror outside of Savannah's dressing room] Well, there's a mirror out here. I'm not sure it's gonna be BIG enough for you, but . . .
Savannah: Well, Dearsie - I WANNA come out. But . . . I JUST can't even stop looking at myself.

She finally came out of the dressing room and gestured toward herself as if to say "Am I cute or WHAT??" And I'm pretty sure when she saw the three-way mirror, she heard angels singing the Hallelujah chorus and then took in all the angles of her cuteness until the mall closed.

Yep. Definitely NO self-esteem issues there.


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No wonder Nora and Savannah got along so well!