Friday, June 11, 2010

Put your glasses on, Mom . . .

When my sister Tammy was a toddler, she went through several different hair colors - her hair just couldn't make up its mind. She had white hair, black hair, and red hair before her body finally decided that it wanted to be a blonde.

Tonight my mom and I were looking through some old pictures and my mom found one that brought back a lot of memories and really stopped her in her tracks:

Mom: Wow. This is amazing. Just amazing. Remember how I said that Tammy's hair changed colors a bunch of times when she was little?
Me: Yeah.
Mom: Well, here's a picture of her when she her hair was dark. It's just amazing.
[Hands me this picture . . .]

Me: Yeah. That IS amazing . . .
Mom: [Looking at the picture and shaking her head with an air of nostalgia . . .]
Me: . . . Especially since that's ME.
Mom: [Knitting her eyebrows and looking at the picture more closely. And then shaking her head at me while trying her best not to smile . . .] What. Ever.


Catherine said...

Okay, I got it now. Your stroller - Tammy's Huffy!!

Emma said...

For sure a dead give away was the Huffy!! I mean Catchy's always been ahead of the game & all, but she wasn't riding bikes @ the ripe ole age of 1. :) LOVE that were a cutie tootie!!
From, Tammy

Phyllis Eddings said...

My mom did the scrapbooks for the grandchildren, and there were several where she mixed up my girls, and they were older than you in this picture. I think maybe subconsciously she did it because the kids didn't help much.

Anonymous said...

try being the youngest of 4 boys who's age very from 20 to 1 with 5 girls in the mix and see if your mom can even come close to recognizing "your" childhood pics. Shoot she still gets me wrong in my wedding pictures. you learn to be patient until your name is called for a word of endearment and quick when its yelled at for punishment. amazing, mom always did get our names right when we were in trouble. I could still make her smile no matter how mad cause I'd say "I knew you knew me mom, now heres the fly swatter." we're Mexican.

Anonymous said...

I know not ALL Mexican moms are mean and use flyswatters, the other Mexican family in our little town mom used the handle from the stove. You should hear the questions my family ask when they come over and see my kids in the corner, "Hey man is your kid practicing for when he gets older or why is he standing with his nose against the wall, toopid?"