Thursday, June 10, 2010

One person's placenta is another person's haircare.

My sister and I were out shopping this afternoon and we stopped off at Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things that we needed. We were in the shampoo aisle when my sister saw something that we may never recover from:

No, ma'am. That's disgusting.

I don't care how soft and shiny it makes my hair, I'm not using it. Oh my gosh - what would I do if some of it got in my mouth while I was washing my hair??? And it wouldn't matter if it smelled like roses, I'd convince myself that it smelled like afterbirth which, of course, would mean that I'd start every morning by throwing up violently. I'd probably lose 30 pounds a bottle.

Hmmmmm . . . actually, maybe I'm being a little too hasty in my judgment on this one . . .


Phyllis Eddings said...

I am in complete and total agreement with you on this one. Only problem with the weight loss theory, is that my stomach is usually empty when I'm in the shower.

wirrek said...

I am "who love's math"'s sister. I read a blog where they gave birth in their home bath tub and dried their placenta to take is as an anti-depressent for post-partum.

I can give you the link if you like.

Catherine said...

So are you telling me that it might make me throw up but I'll be in a good mood while I'm doing so? :)

That's disgusting, too . . . and I TOTALLY need the link. :)

Emma said...

guh ross!!! I just saw this post...FUNNY!!

From, Tammy

Christi Muhle said...

hahhahahahahahahahahahaha. holy scow!!!! Nastieszt thing I have ever heard of, but if it puts you in a good mood... :P

You can come by the hospital after Shepherd is born and borrow some if you'd like. Just sayin'. :)

Victorian Lady said...

I got a cute set of face wash, lotion, etc, for Christmas when I was 13. I used it routinely until one day I turned it over and saw the ingredients. I just about vomited when I saw placenta!

Never used it again...and washed my face about dozen times in a row with REAL soap!