Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Close, Mom. So, so close.

Well, we had a great Memorial Day at my mom's pool this afternoon. We swam and ate burgers and swam and ate dessert and then swam some more. It was the perfect day. But you know, you really can't go wrong with swimming, burgers, and banana pudding. That's always been MY motto.

No, literally - that's my motto.

Toward the end of the evening, my sister Tammy and her husband, Brian, and I were sitting around talking about 80s music and downloading some of our favorite old songs onto our iPods. I was busy downloading such classics as "Wake Me Up Before you Go Go" and "Sister Christian" when Tammy said something about how we HAVE to put the Eurythmics on our iPods. In response, I made a super-mature face that would be similar to the kind of face one might make when she has stepped in a pile of dog poop. That's when this exchange occurred:

Tammy: [jaw dropped and eyes bugged out] You don't like [lowering her voice so that none of the neighbors would hear the sacrilege] the Eurythmics??
Me: Ugh. [then boldly, so that everyone could hear] No.
Brian: What???
Tammy: How can you not like them?
Me: Ugh. I just never really got why anyone liked them. [Then to continue with my mature argument . . .] They're stupid.
Mom: What? You don't like Annie Lennox??
Me, Tam, and Brian: [slightly surprised that she knew that name but too involved in our iTunes searches to give her props]
Me: No - I don't get what the big deal is about her.
Mom: What - no one's impressed that I knew that Annie Lennox was with the Arrismics.
Me: Awesome . . .
Tammy: Aaaaaaaaaaand that's why we're not impressed . . .

It was the perfect end to the perfect day. In fact, one might say that Sweet Dreams are Made of These momen-

Yeah - the Eurythmics are stupid.


Unknown said...

I was oh so close! And I still think I should get props for knowing Annie Lennox and that she was with those people.

Emma said...

Great last couple of lines to close it out....I mean REALLY great!!

Emma said...

I don't know how that keeps happening! I signed Emma out & then signed on but still has her name....!