Friday, May 14, 2010

A peaceful garden.

I finally had my backyard landscaped this weekend. My friend Stephanie designed the most beautiful little garden for me and picked out the most wonderful plants and flowers that I don't know the names of yet. And then my yard guy Gustavo worked all weekend to get it all done while I may or may not have watched him from various windows in my house (Gustavo . . . mmmmmmm). ANYWAY, while Gustavo was being super manly and landscaping my yard, he discovered that one of the trees in my backyard had a nest of baby mockingbirds that had just hatched. So we left that tree alone to leave the little ones in peace. And it's been so fun to sit out in my pretty backyard and watch the mother mockingbird feed her babies . . .

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand dive-bomb my dog while he's going potty under her tree.

My mom and my sisters came over tonight to see how beautiful my yard looks now (thanks to Gustavo . . . mmmmmmmm . . .) and we had a lovely few minutes sitting outside enjoying the breeze and the pretty flowers. It was so relaxing. And then, like icing on the cake, we saw that one of the little baby mockingbirds had left the nest and was hopping around my yard. So precious. The moment just could NOT get more perfect.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then my dog saw the baby bird.

Serenity turned into panic in an instant:

Me: Don't you LOVE it out here???
Erin: Oh my gosh - it is SO beautiful!
Tammy: It really is, Catch.
Me: I know. Gustavo is so hot.
Mom: It really turned out perfectly. He did a great job.
Me: YEAH he did . . .[wait - what does that mean?] Those are Japanese boxwood over there . . . I think. And see the pentas over there?
Tammy: Where?
Me: Ummmm . . . like . . . over there somewhere. I think they're the blue ones.
Tammy: Pretty!
Me: And that thing over there is a . . . well, I don't remember the name of it but it's gonna bloom red flowers. And then there are day lillies, too, in here somewhere. I think these are the day lillies . . . or maybe these are . . .
[enter little baby bird hopping around the yard]
Erin: Awwww . . . one of the babies is out of the nest.
Tammy: Oh, it sure is! So cute!!
Me: Awwww. Such a sweet little baby. Look - Jacques is going to see the baby, too - oh wait . . . Jacques, no. Jacques . . . NO.
[pandemonium ensues . . .]
Erin: No! Get him, Catherine!
Me: [running as quickly as I could while also making sure I didn't step in dog poop - an interesting sight] Jacques, NO! Bad boy! Get over here!
Baby bird: Ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap.
Jacques: Not so tough without your mom around now, are ya?
Erin: Get him, Catherine!
Baby bird: Work, wings! WORK!!
Tammy: I can't watch!
Me: STOP that, Jacques. Get over here! Bad boy!
Baby bird: For the love of GOD, woman! Get him!!! GET HIM!!!

Finally, I was able to get Jacques away from the bird before his plan for revenge against the mother mockingbird was complete. The little baby appeared to be okay but he sure had to sweat it out there for a while. As I was leading Jacques into the house, I saw him wipe his brow and take refuge under the petunias.

Or were they impatiens?


Anonymous said...

I wish I could put events in my day down so eloquently like you do! I love your blog Catchy!

Tracy said...

Phew! Glad the baby birdie survived!

I'd love for you to post some photos of your new backyard! Or better yet...maybe I need to come over for some patio time!