Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bike path karma.

I was preparing for trial this weekend and, at one point, decided to take a quick break to run up to Chick-Fil-A and grab some lunch. As I pulled out of my neighborhood, I saw a man on the bike path who was wearing knee pads and wrist guards . . . and WALKING. Not rollerblading. Not skateboarding. Not even walking FAST. Just out for a little stroll . . . with protective gear.

So I went up to Chick-Fil-A and got my lunch. I sat in the lunch hour rush in the drive-thru line and kicked myself for not having taken his picture. I finally made it through the line and headed back home with my lunch. As I got close to my street, I noticed that the overly-cautious walker had not made it very far down the bike path in the time that I had been gone. In fact, he had just barely passed my street - it was like a little gift from God. So I got my camera, zoomed it way in, slowed down to a stop in the middle of the street, and took a picture. I felt a little stalker-ish doing it but it had to be done:
Seriously - look at him. He's not even looking forward. He's just strolling along, staring off into the woods daydreaming having a relaxing walk. And that makes the knee pads and wrist guards even more perplexing. Honestly, if he doesn't have sleep apnea or epilepsy then he really has no excuse.

When I had first seen this guy, I had called my best friend to tell her about it and then I emailed her this picture so that she could fully visualize him with me. We just laughed and laughed at his expense. It was awesome.

And then karma bit me in the butt . . .

I was walking my dog later that day on the bike path and I passed one of my neighbors. I smiled and said hello to him as we passed and I noticed that he seemed to just glance away from me. I thought that was strange but, as I have pretty unfriendly neighbors, I got over it. A few seconds after I passed him, I felt a little breeze on my stomach. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's when I realized that my shirt had ridden up and was exposing the entire left side of my belly. And, believe me, it's gonna take a LOT more Hip Hop Abs for that to be okay.

So I can never look my neighbor in the eye again.

And I hope he doesn't blog.


Unknown said...

This wouldn't happen to be the same neighbor that you later saw naked would it? Because that really would've been karma!