Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now THAT would be a cool car . . .

This weekend I went to my niece Emma's piano recital at the Marriott here in town. When it was over (or, to be more precise, when Emma was finished and we were able to sneak out . . .) we decided to over to a local Cold Stone Creamery to get some ice cream. My niece Savannah had her friend Kaylee with her (the same Kaylee from the butterfly exhibit) and, when we started to head to our cars to go to Cold Stone, they asked if they could ride with me. I, being the best aunt in the world, said "fo sho" (or something equally hip-and-with-it) and we began walking to my car. That's when I heard them having this conversation behind me:

Savannah: Catchy's car is so cool. Know why?
Kaylee: Why?
Savannah: Because the top comes off.
Kaylee: [slight gasp at this news] It comes OFF?
Savannah: Yeah. It's red and it has a black part and that part just like . . . just like . . . comes off.
Kaylee: [silence while she marvels at the thought] Reeeeeeeally?
Savannah: Yeah - it's a convertible.
Kaylee: [big gasp, then in a whisper . . .] You mean you can't SEE it???
Savannah: What? [confused silence] Oh . . . no - it's not INVISIBLE, it's a CONVERTIBLE.

Understandably, the car was a big let down for Kaylee after that . . .


Anonymous said...

The conversations that girl has are hilarious!