Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How could I forget THAT??

I took my nieces and my nephew to see Taylor Swift tonight down at the Toyota Center. I had given them the tickets for Christmas so it was fun to FINALLY get to go. And Taylor did NOT disappoint - she sang lots of good songs and flipped her hair around lots for us. Maybe a little too much . . . but who am I to criticize?

Before the concert, we took them to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe where we enjoyed some inedible food . . . I had forgotten how much their food stinks! While we were at dinner, I was trying to remember a story about something that had happened to me recently when I was with the kids. All I could remember about the story was that it involved me forgetting something (ironic, right?) so I was asking the kids if they remembered what had happened and if they could help me remember what it was that I had forgotten on that particular day:

Me: It was just recently. I forgot something and was trying to tell the kids but they didn't believe me - they thought I was just joking with them. Do you all remember that?
Savannah: You forgot something? Was it ice cream for our milkshakes at the slumber party?
Me: No.
Avery: Was it Oreos?
Me: No. [silly Avery - I'd NEVER forget Oreos . . .]
Emma: Was it the chocolate sauce for our sundaes for our slumber party?
Me: No. I don't think it was anything for one of the slumber parties. I think it was something that I was supposed to have with me when I met up with y'all somewhere.
Ben: And you forgot it?
Me: Yeah - do you remember what it was?
Ben: Yeah . . . a husband?

Man. I KNEW I'd left something off my grocery list!!


Emma said...

Cracking up all over again!! Thanks for a great night out! We need to find out how to have the kids meet Taylor Swift!!

Christi said...

I love Ben. :)