Friday, February 26, 2010

Well, they both begin with a C . . .

My sister Erin watches kids in her home during the day. I go to her house for lunch every once in a while and my mom and sister Tammy help Erin out sometimes by going over and watching the kids so that Erin can do things like attend her daughters' school parties or go read stories to their classes, etc. So we know all the kids by name and all the kids know us by name. That's important to remember - got it?

One of the kids Erin watches regularly is a little boy named Cade. He's a sweet little guy who's been around a while and we all know him. By name. Cade. Got it? Erin told me that yesterday my mom came over to pick my niece Avery up for school and, as she walked in the door, she looked at Cade and said cheerfully: "Well good morning, Chadwick!"

Close enough, Nora. Close enough.


Unknown said...

Look on the bright side. I got three out of four of the letters of his actual name included in there! Geez. ChADwick. Close. Very close.

Unknown said...

Oh Norma! You're so funny.