Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl!!

I went to my sister Erin's house tonight for her Super Bowl party and my mom and my other sister, Tammy, also went. The three of us aren't really football people - I usually pick the team I'm going to root for by looking to see how cute the quarterback is. I think you can really judge a team's talent that way. Some people may think I'm "shallow," but to them I say "Brett Favre."

This year, I decided to root for the Saints because they'd never been to the Super Bowl before. Aaaaaaaaaaand because everyone else was rooting for them and I'm a follower. But I was also pleased to see that the Saints quarterback was cute so my winning-team-selection method continues to hold water . . .

But picking the winning team wasn't the only highlight for me from this evening's festivities. Here are my other top moments:

1. Not winning in any of my Super Bowl squares and having to endure the humiliation when my brother-in-law, my 9 year old niece, and an unborn child won $40 each.
2. The "Casual Friday" commercial.
3. The Doritos commercial with the kid who slaps his mom's date.
4. This conversation between my mom and my sister Tammy:

TV: blah blah blah blah football stuff blah blah blah blah.
Guy 1: blah blah Peyton Manning blah blah.
Guy 2: Yeah, blah blah first down blah blah.
Mom: [very seriously] Well, New Orleans has the cutest uniforms I think I've ever seen.
Tammy: Mmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm . . .
Guy 3: Blah blah the Saints are so cool blah blah.
TV: Blah blah defensive lineup blah blah blah.
Guy 1: These cookies are good. [hey - I tuned the football talk out, not the dessert talk . . .]
Guy 3: Blah blah blah field goal blah blah blah.
Mom: I mean, their pants are the prettiest gold.
TV: Blah blah blah offensive starters blah blah blah.
Mom: Just a beautiful color . . .
TV: [off-sides kick and all the guys from both teams and I'm pretty sure some people from the sidelines pile onto the two guys at the bottom fighting over possession of the ball]
Mom: Can you imagine all those 200-something pound men piled on top of you?
Tammy: No. It's hard for me to breathe with just my BRA on.

Ah. Good times. Good times.


Erin said...

omg , i missed that conversation. that tamza is a quick one, I tell ya. HILARIOUS.

Emma said...

Come on now....I speak the truth!! I think I'm going to start a new bra-burning movement!

Phyllis Eddings said...

And did you see the eyes on the Saints' coach? Dreamy.

Jill said...

Classic Tammy. PLEASE don't start a bra-burning movement. I mean sure my boobs are still perky and perfect, but i still feel like my bra is really doing it's job. Ok, only part of that is true.