Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Meet Ramiro.

I've been in trial this week and we picked our jury on Monday. After we were finished with the jury selection, my trial partner, my boss, and I headed out of the courthouse to grab a bite to eat and discuss the trial. On my way to the restaurant, I found myself behind a truck with this little portrait on it:

As you undoubtedly know by now, my brain doesn't always work the way a brain is supposed to work. Normal brains see this kind if thing and they filter it out as unimportant information. Never even registers with them. Normal brains focus, instead, on the cars zooming past them on the highway as their driving.

But not mine. My brain gets bogged down with thoughts like "Who is Ramirez Martinez Jr.?? Does the real Ramirez have spiky hair on one side and wavy on the other? Is he actually cross-eyed? Did he have a booger coming out of his nose at the time or did the artist take artistic license on it? Has he possibly suffered a stroke?"

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then my brain tells me it's perfectly safe up as close to the truck as I can get while simultaneously trying to zoom in for the perfect shot.

That's not normal.


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Emma said...

Poor, poor Ramirez!! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha!! the spiked and curly hair made me laugh out loud! oh and I totally do that too if i cant read a bumper sticker or something. it's the only time i ever HOPE for red lights.