Monday, March 28, 2011

Ben cuts to the chase.

I found out last week that my seven-year-old nephew, Ben, has been learning about animals in his home-school lessons. How did I find that out, you ask? Because my sister told me about this conversation that she had with him:

Ben: [pensively] Mommy, when will Catchy marry?
Tammy: Well, when God brings the right person into her life, I guess.
Ben: Oh. [mulling that over] Well, don't you think that she should go ahead and mate?
Tammy: [chokes on Dr. Pepper]

Man . . . forget online dating - I'm putting Ben in charge of things for a while!


Rachel said...

Soooo funny!

Kristen Tribe said...

He's just looking out for your best interest! Funny ... :)

Anonymous said...

My eleven year old sister is really into animals, and she understands how animals make babies. She started to ask her mom how humans have babies and then guessed, "Is that like mating?" Then she found out that my sister-in-law is pregnant, and she looked at my brother and said, "What have you been doing to her?!"