Monday, March 14, 2011

Finger-lickin' good.

My 8-year-old niece, Savannah, just recently started playing in a softball league. She was struggling at first with her batting but she has been working really hard and has improved so much. In fact, the other day at her game, she actually had a home run! It was a BIG deal. In fact, my sister Erin was cheering so enthusiastically that she ALMOST dropped her nachos . . . and we Palmores take our nachos VERY seriously.

ANYWAY, to celebrate her big night, Erin and Matt took her out for a celebratory dinner. Someone suggested that they go to Chili's but Savannah quickly quashed that idea . . . until she remembered how much she loves their ribs. So Chili's it was.

Pretty soon, Savannah was covered in barbecue sauce and eating ribs with gusto. About a rib-and-a-half into her feast, she stopped eating, looked up, and had this conversation:

Savannah: [rib mid-air, barbecue sauce from ear to ear] So . . . are these like a human's ribs?
Erin and Matt: [stunned silence]
Savannah: [eating the ribs with gusto again, unconcerned about the answer to her question]
Erin: [laughing] Are they a HUMAN'S ribs?
Savannah: [chowing down] Yeah.
Erin: [laughing harder] No, honey. They're from a pig.
Savannah: [rib in mouth] Oh. They're good.
Erin: Would that have bothered you? If it was a human's rib?
Savannah: [shrugging her shoulders and licking her fingers] They're gooooood . . .
Matt: Wow.

So we now know THAT disturbing fact about Savannah. But, as funny as that story is, let's be honest - we're all gonna be a little uneasy the next time she says she's hungry and there's no food around.

Fortunately, I think I'm safe - MY ribs haven't been visible to the naked eye for years . . .


Emma said...

Oh my gosh!!! Totally cracking up!!

Shena said...

Ditto! lol

rachel said...

This makes me look forward to when my nephew is old enough to talk!