Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Thoughts by Avery

I had my nieces Emma (10) and Avery (5) in the car with me at one point this weekend and we were chatting about what they had each done that day. Emma was telling me a story about their dog Marley and, apparently, Avery got a little bored with it . . .

Me: What did you do today, Emma?
Emma: We went out to Niblets [that's a side business/flea market for vendors that my brother-in-law is starting - click here if you want to know more!] and there's a big field so we let Marley out to run around.
Me: Oh, I bet he thought THAT was super fun.
Emma: Yeah. But we didn't worry about closing the gate because he doesn't usually like traffic so he stays away from it. But you know what happened, Catchy?
Me: No - what happened?
Emma: He ran out of the gate and was in the ditch RIGHT by that busy street there! We were so worried that we has gonna run into the street but he didn't. So we brought him back in and then we definitely closed the gate after that!
Me: Man! I'm so glad he didn't get hurt!
Emma: Yeah - me, too. I mean, he was REALLY close to the street. I was so scared that he-
Avery: When you eat beans, you fart.
[long, stunned silence]
Emma: Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Wow. That was really random.
Avery: Yeah. [matter of factly] I know it was.
Me: [laughing] Avery - you are one funny girl.
Avery: Yeah. I know I am.
Me: [laughing harder]
Avery: What? I do.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand then the rest of the ride turned into an Emma-Avery backseat duet of "Beans beans, they're good for your heart . . ." This was a turn of events I had not anticipated - one minute I'm talking to my nieces about their days and the next minute I'm feeding them lyrics and saying things like "No, no - it's "the more you fart the better you FEEL . . ."

But at least I learned two things about Avery during this little exchange: 1) she will never be accused of being too humble and 2) she doesn't give a fart about Marley . . .


Phyllis Eddings said...

The version I know is:
Beans, beans, the musical fruit,
the more you eat, the more you toot.

Which sounds much nicer than fart.