Friday, September 3, 2010

Two more Nora-isms!

I blogged yesterday about my dad's birthday celebration and some of the stories that came out of that night. But what I failed to mention was how my mom pulled out a couple of Nora-isms for us for the occasion . . . and we were all so glad that she did! After all, no evening would be complete without a Nora-ism or two, right?

The first one happened when my sister Erin was telling us about how sick her husband, Matt, was with this stomach bug he got yesterday. She gave us a detailed recounting - complete with her best puking sounds - and then she tried to give us some more of the gory details:

Erin: And you know what color it was?
Tammy: Gross! I don't want to know!
Mom: Seriously! Yuck! That is MTF . . .
Tammy: MTF??
Mom: Yeah. Too much . . . inf . . . whatever that expression is.
Erin: TMI?
Mom: Yeah. That's it.

Later, when we were at dinner, Jill stopped by the restaurant to eat with us and to hear all of our stories from the evening. After we finished with all the story-telling, we were talking about some of the old sad movies we watched when we were kids and we were wondering when and if we should inflict them on my sisters' kids the way our parents had done to us:

Tammy: Do you think the kids are ready for "Savannah Smiles?"
Jill: Nooooooooo!
Me: I don't think I'M ready for that one again!
Erin: We should TOTALLY show them that one. And then we should follow it up with "The Champ." [to Jill . . .] That one is SUCH a sad movie.
Mom: Yeah - and "Ocean's Eleven?"
Erin: [Translating for Jill . . .] That's "Deep End of the Ocean."
Mom: Maaaaaaaaan - "Ocean's Eleven" is a saaaaaaaaaaaaad one.
Me: It's "Deep End of the Ocean," Mom.
Mom: Right . . . what did I say??

Oh mom, we can always count on you to entertain us!!


Anonymous said...

I THINK I WAS GOING FOR "MUCH TOO......something" Close, very close!


Mary Abigail said...

Is Savannah Smiles on DVD?? That movie was awesome!!!