Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gonna have to work on that . . .

You know how I am about grammar and word usage, right? Well, the rest of my family is like that, too. My sisters and I are all grammar and words people because our parents always were. And I have no doubt that my sisters' kids will follow in their mothers' footsteps, too . . . because they know that if they don't, we might disown them.

But learning proper grammar is a process, just like anything else. And it takes a while to learn all the rules. So they make mistakes now and again that just crack me up.

For instance . . .

My mom was out with my niece Emma (9) and my nephew Ben (6) the other day and she was trying to park her car. She pulled into the spot but her park job was horrible. That's when this conversation happened:

Ben: [opens the door and sees the parking job] Dearsie, you did a horrible job. Just horrible. You're on the line.
Dearsie: I am?
Ben: Yes . . . it's hooooooooorrible.
Dearsie: Well, you're very encouraging. Close the door and I'll fix it.
Ben: Okay.
Dearsie: [backs out and pulls back in]
Ben: [opens the door to examine the new parking job, only to find that it's worse than before] Dearsie, your parking is getting more worser.
Dearsie: More worser??
Ben: Yeah. It's more worser than before.
Emma: Ben - it's not "more worser" . . . it's just "worser."
Ben: Oh. Dearsie, it's worser.

Well, she almost got it right . . .

And then Erin told me about something that Avery said the other day that is quite alarming because it involves one of my biggest pet peeves. Avery (5) and Savannah (7) were taking a bath and they decided to have a contest to see who could hold their breath longest under water. So they both went under and Savannah came up before Avery did. When Avery came up, they had this conversation:

Savannah: You won, Avery!
Avery: Literally?
Savannah: Yeah! You won!
Avery: LITERALLY????

She's only 5 so I'll let her get away with this blatant misuse of the word "literally." But she better have it under control by the time she's 7. Because if any of my sisters' kids grows up to abuse that word, my ears will melt, my head will explode, and I'll die.



Emma said...

I am still laughing! Hadn't heard either of those stories!