Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The worst idea EVER.

I stopped by Walgreen's this morning to pick up a gift bag and some tissue paper for a friend's present. As I was standing in line, I saw something that made me do a double-take. Something that made me actually say "Surely not . . ." out loud. Something that made me say "Who on EARTH would buy this??" And something that made me say "I'll take one of these please . . ."

It was a reindeer that looked like this:

On the bottom, it has a little orange thingy (that's a technical term) that looks like this:

You put your thumb on the orange thingy and you slide it forward and then the reindeer's tongue comes out like this:

And it's a lollipop.


This was not well thought-out, friends . . .

I'm supposed to buy this for some kid so he or she can lick a reindeer tongue?? Until it disappears into a nub back at the reindeer's tonsils?? Can I be arrested for that?? What pervert came up with this idea?? And what perverts approved it?? And what perverts didn't fire the perverts who pitched this idea??

I'll never be able to look at Rudolph the same again. Now I understand why the other reindeer didn't let him join in any reindeer games.

The tag on the lollipop says "The only pop that can lick you back!" Like they're proud that they're the first ones to come up with this idea and tap into this market. Well, yeah - you're the first, geniuses . . . because all the other candy companies fired this guy when he pitched it to THEM. It's disturbing. And possibly the worst candy idea EVER.

Unless they make a Mike Rowe version . . .


Emma said...

OMG!! Cracking up over the reindeer game paragraph!! I hope you bought several! :)

Phyllis Eddings said...

Oh Catherine! You never fail me.

Deborah said...

i just saw those at Walgreen's...half way thougtht about buying them for the boy's stockings...than realized it was a little too wierd.