Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Avery's One-Two Punch

My niece Avery was recently at my house hanging out with me. She is four and I was able to talk her into helping me clean my room - it's so great when kids are that easily influenced. After a while, though, she'd had enough and decided she wanted to watch a movie while I finished cleaning. So we went out into my game room so that she could look through the DVDs to decide what she wanted. Beside the DVD player, she saw a PlayStation game controller that a friend of mine had brought over in the hopes that it would be compatible with my Wii. She picked it up, showed it to me and then we had this exchange:

Avery: [showing me the game controller with a confused expression on her face] Catchy, why do you have this?
Me: Oh, it's my fr-
Avery: I mean, you don't have a husband . . . [shaking her head with a meaningful look that seemed to finish her sentence with "and we all know only husbands play with these."]
Me: [Wow. Low blow, Avery. Low blow. Don't think it gets much lower than that . . .]
Avery: And you don't even have a DAD . . . so why do you have this?
Me: [Wow. I stand corrected . . .] Ummmmmm . . . if you need me, I'll be in my room in the fetal position sucking my thumb.

Good times. Good times.


Emma said...


Anonymous said...

She's just like her Mother.

Phyllis Eddings said...

I do understand her logic. In my book, only men become obsessed with video games. I know this is not actually true, yet I cling to the illusion. This is actually because I could never really get the hang of video games myself, so I just pretend to be superior...you know, to hide my inferior eye-hand virtual-reality coordination. (I also have a hard time following exercise/dance videos. Gotta be live, or I'm lost!)

Jill said...

Poor Catchy. I do love the new polka dots!!!