Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A serious transportation problem.

I went to Birmingham this weekend to see my friend Ashley and her family. Ashley has a 7-year-old daughter named Ann Elizabeth and she is just the most precious thing. She apparently gets onto topics occasionally that she obsesses over and, at the moment, the topic of obsession is the North Pole. I found this out firsthand when she sat by me at lunch on Sunday and had this conversation with me:

Annie: Catchy, do you want to come back to Alabama one day and I will take you to the North Pole?
Me: [emphatically] AbsoLUTEly. When? Like next year maybe?
Annie: [looking at me like I've lost my mind] No - when I'm grown up.
Me: Oh, of course. That makes sense. Yes - I would LOVE to come back and go to the North Pole with you when you grow up.
Annie: [getting a VERY serious thinking face, looking down at the table, tapping her lips with her finger as she thinks] But how will we get there?
Me: [joining her in this serious problem-solving brainstorming session and then, after a few seconds . . .] A sleigh?
Annie: [still very serious] Yes. [nodding her head slightly as she mulls this over] Yes. A sleigh would work. [pause as she thinks and taps her lips with her fingers, still looking at the table and squinting her eyes] But how will we push it?
Me: Hmmmmm . . . that's a good question . . .
Annie: [VERY seriously, still looking at the table] I don't have ANY pixie dust . . .
Me: Oh man . . . I didn't realize that.
Annie: [tap tap tap]
Me: [seriously] Do you have any reindeer?
Annie: [looks upward as if doing a quick inventory of her available resources] No. No, I don't.
Me: Oh man. This is going to be tough.
Annie: [nodding gravely] Yes, it is.

Unfortunately, we didn't get it figured out before I had to head back home. But something tells me that Annie will figure out a way to get us up there when she grows up.

If only she could get her hands on some pixie dust . . .


Tamara Phillips said...

love it:)