Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Profiles in fruit . . .

My friends Sean and Britt and I had lunch today in one of my favorite places in Huntsville - Benny J's BBQ. While we were eating the BEST BRISKET EVER, I looked up and noticed a picture on the wall that I thought was worthy of sharing:

What I love most about this picture is just the randomness of it all - none of it really seems to go together. I like to think about the artist's thought process as she painted it: "[staring at blank canvas, fingers drumming the table] Hmmmmmm . . . what should I paint?? It's such a hard decision - this could be my masterpiece, after all. I'm REALLY good at fruit. [pause] But I'm also REEEEEALLY good at profiles. Especially the right side . . ."

Decisiveness is SO overrated.


Anonymous said...

Such a big laugh from such a small post!!!