Friday, February 11, 2011

Irony in a nutshell.

What a week! I had another trial this week and have spent the last few days being a lawyer instead of a writer . . . hope you missed me lots!!

After my trial was over, I met my mom, Erin, and Erin's girls at Toys R Us, where they were looking for some . . . well . . . toys. We were over in the doll/Barbie section when my mom called Savannah and Avery over to show them a Justin Bieber doll and a Taylor Swift doll that she had spotted.

Mom [on the next aisle]: That's a Justin Bieber doll! Oh and look! That one's Loretta Swift or whatever her name is!
[a few seconds later, Savannah comes over to my aisle . . .]
Savannah: [confused look on her face] Catchy, Dearsie just said "There's Justin Bieber. And there's "Luluella Swift" or something like that.

Me: Oh my goodness. That Dearsie - she's so crazy, isn't she?
Savannah: Yeah. [shrugging her shoulders] She just always says it wrong.
Erin: Yep. That's Dearsie in a . . . in a . . . [puzzled look on her face] . . . a . . . [looking at me for help] . . . a box?
Me: Ummmm . . . try "nutshell."
Erin: Yeah - that's it.
Me: No - that's IRONY.

My family never lets me down!!