Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterinarian's Day . . .

I had dinner with Erin and her kiddos tonight at Cheesecake Factory for our weekly Girls' Night. Normally, Tammy and my mom are there with us but, tonight, Tammy was sick and my mom was visiting a friend of ours so it was just me and Erin. We missed them, of course, but then Savannah (my 8-year old niece) started telling us about what she learned at school today about Veteran's Day and, suddenly, it was like my mom was right there with us . . .

Savannah: I almost CRIED at school today, Mommy.
Erin: Why??
Savannah: Because Mrs. Duvall told us every little detail about Veterinarian's Day.
Erin: Oh she did?
Savannah: Yes. EVERY little detail.
Me: What did she tell you about it?
Savannah: She just told us every little detail about EVERY war.
Me: Oh - was it really sad?
Savannah: Yes. SO many people were crying and she just kept telling us about more sad stuff.
Erin: Sounds like Mrs. Duvall and Dearsie would get along well . . .
Me: Seriously . . .
Savannah: I didn't cry but I ALMOST did.
Me: Well, which wars did you learn about?
Savannah: Ummmmm . . . the Several War . . .
[Suddenly, the competition was on. It was like Erin and I were sitting with my mom trying to interpret her movie titles or restaurant names . . .]
Me and Erin: [trying to guess the right name before the other one does . . .] The Civil War?!
Savannah: Yeah.
Me: [to Erin] That was a tie.
Erin: What else did you learn about?
Savannah: Ummmmm . . . the World War. The FIRST World War and the SECOND World War.
Me: Wow - you learned a lot! Any others?
Savannah: Yes - we learned about the Rindleberry War.
Me: Okay - I'm out on that one.
Erin: The Revolutionary War . . . good! What else?
Savannah: The Kemah War.
Erin: [head down, focusing, determined to figure it out before me]
Me: Iwo Jima?
Erin: Nice . . .
Savannah: No - the KEMAH War.
Erin: Oh - that wasn't it? I'm still in it? [head back down, new look of determination in her eyes]
Me: Oh - KOREA.
Erin: Dangit.
Savannah: No, Catchy - the KOREAN War.
Erin: Yeah, Catchy - the KOREAN War.
Me: Oh - I was WAY off . . .
Erin: What else did you learn about?
Savannah: The TeamTom war.
Me: TeamTom??
Erin: Vietnam?
Savannah: Yeah.
Me: Wow. You win.

Well, frankly, I think she won after Rindleberry but TeamTom pretty much sealed the deal . . .

I'm so thankful that I live in a country where I can meet my sister and nieces for a fun dinner whenever I want. I'm so thankful that I live in a country where little girls can go to school and learn about our country's history. I'm so thankful that I live in a country where my biggest worry is whether or not I'll beat my sister at guessing what my mom or my niece are talking about. And I'm so thankful for all the veterans who have served near and far - and apparently right here in Kemah - to keep it that kind of country. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Happy Veterinarian's Day!! :)


Emma said...

That is side-splitting!!! I'm still laughing....wish I had been there.