Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Now where did you learn THAT??

My sister Erin was out shopping with her kids the other day and, just as they were leaving the store, Savannah (7) unwrapped a candy bar and threw the wrapper in a shopping cart that she was walking past. Erin couldn't believe what she had seen - she does NOT want her kids to be disrespectful like that or to be litterbugs. So she stopped the kids . . . and decided to have a teaching moment:

Erin: Ummmm . . . Savannah - you can't do that.
Savannah: What?
Erin: [pointing to the shopping cart] You can't mess with Texas.
Savannah: Mommy - I didn't mess with Texas. I messed with a shopping cart.
Erin: It doesn't matter - you can't do that. It's littering. [Deciding to pull out the big guns . . .] You can go to jail for that.
Savannah: No I won't, Mommy. They won't put me in jail.
Erin: Yes, they would.
Savannah: No, I wouldn't go to JAIL, Mommy. I'd just go to JUVIE.

And who says kids don't learn anything good in public schools??


Anonymous said...

This story will crack me up every time I think about it!! She was so serious. Later, she was telling me there was a kid in her class who was going to have a bad future! Maybe he was the one who taught her about juvie!

Emma said...

Hilarious!! I'm LITERALLY crying from laughing so hard!