Monday, November 8, 2010


My mom loves going to movies so she'll often ask me and my sisters if we want to go see a particular movie with her. As I've mentioned before, though, this can be tricky because she can never remember the name movies. So, out of necessity, my sisters and I have become expert Nora translators:

Mom: There are couple of movies that out that I really want to see if anyone wants to go.
Me: Sure - which ones do you want to see.
Mom: Well, that one that Brian was just telling me about. Ummmm . . .[thinking of the name]
Bro-in-law Brian: [helping her out] Inside Job.
Mom: Yeah, that one.
Me: Huh. I haven't even heard of that one.
Tammy: I want to see Conviction SO bad.
Mom: Yeah - I'd see that one, too. And I REALLY want to see that faceplace one.
Me: The faceplace one?
Mom: Yeah. The one about faceplace.
Me: You mean The Social Network?
Mom: Yeah - that one.
Me: About faceBOOK.
Mom: Whatever.

I'm gonna be like that one day, too, aren't I?

I hope my kids don't blog . . .


Jill said...

When FB first came out, I think MySpace was already kind of popular. Anyway, my mom kept calling it Space Face. Ha! Silly Momza!