Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes . . .

I was out with my sister Erin and her kiddos the other night and we were being helped by a really nice man who also happened to be really cute. Erin, in her usual fashion, decided that I should marry him. So, after he walked away, we had this discussion:

Erin: Catherine! He is super presh.
Me: Yeah, he is.
Erin: I need you to marry him.
Me: Okay.
Erin: Catherine, I'm SERIOUS.
Me: Oh, I know.
Erin: Savannah, don't you think that Catchy should marry that guy?
Savannah (8 yrs old): [giggling nervously] Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Erin: Don't you think he's so presh?
Savannah: Yeah - he IS presh, Catchy.
Erin: What do YOU think Avery? Should Catchy marry that man?
Avery (5 yrs old): [looks up uninterested and shrugs her shoulders] He's probably married . . .
Me: Preach it, girl.

Great. My love life has caused my 5 year old niece to become jaded.