Thursday, October 14, 2010

IM = Instant Mayhem?

I was sitting at home tonight, wondering what I should blog about - I just had absolutely no ideas. I decided that the best thing to do was to be proactive about it, soooooooooo I spent a few minutes staring at the wall and seeing how long I could stay in a daze. Surprisingly, that yielded no new blog ideas. I was just about to give up.

And then it happened.

Almost as if by divine intervention, my cell phone rang and I saw it was my mom. I said a quick prayer for blog material and then answered the phone:

Me: Hey, Mom! What's up?
Mom: [a bit breathless] Oh good! You answered! I was so afraid that you wouldn't answer!
Me: Why? What's going on?
Mom: Well, I need your help because something happened and I don't know what to do!
Me: Okay - what happened?
Mom: Well, I was sitting here at my computer and I heard a noise and then a little box popped up and it was a message from Pam.
Me: [awkward silence] Okaaaaaaaaay . . .
Mom: [getting a panicked tone in her voice and speaking very quickly] And I wrote her back but I can't figure out how to make it go to her. It's just sitting there and I don't want her to think I didn't write her back.
Me: [Don't laugh, Catherine. Don't laugh.] You just hit the "Return" button.
Mom: Like the one that says "Enter Return?"
Me: Yes. On your keyboard.
Mom: Well, I just did that and it didn't work!
Me: [Wow - is she about to hyperventilate?]
Mom: It's not working!
Me: You're on facebook, right?
Mom: Yes.
Me: Well, that should have worked. That's all you hav-
Mom: IT WORKED!! Oh my goodness - it worked! Oh good! I was so WOOOOOOOOOORRIED!!
Me: Well, that seems a little-
Mom: Oh I'm SO glad you answered your phone! I was worried that you'd still be at church and that you wouldn't answer and then I had no idea what I was going to DOOOOOOOOO. [catching her breath.]
Me: Well, now you'll know how to do it the next time it happens.
Mom: Yeah, I guess so. What a relief!
Me: Yeeeeeeeaaaaah [not really sure what else to say here, Mom . . .]
Mom: My goodness - my neck is hurting me now. That was so stressful! It's like having someone stare at you and you can't answer them!
Me: Yeah - something like that . . .
Mom: I feel like I need to take a valium.
Me: Think YOU do . . .
Mom: You know, in fairness . . . if someone sends you a message like that, they should tell you how to respond to them.
Me: Oh my gosh. [laughing] Mom, I think everyone just assumes that we all know how to IM. It's really not that hard.
Mom: No seriously - they should. They should say "Hi! How are you? If you want to respond to me, just type in that little box below and then hit return."
Me: Wow.
[slight pause]
Mom: So are you blogging tonight?
Me: Ummmmmm . . . now I am.


Jill said...

Oh, that was great! You had to know I would love that post. My favorite response from my mom when I'm walking her through something is, "well my screen doesn't have that option...oh...there it is." : )

Cute Momzas.