Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I guess it runs in the genes . . .

I'm getting a little bit of a late start tonight. Why? you ask. Well, because I sat down to blog and decided that I should have a piece of a pumpkin roll first. After all, it IS the holiday season. The HARVEST season, in fact. So I'm culturally obligated to consume as many pumpkin products as I can from now until New Years Day. Right? Anyway, I finished my piece of cake and decided that I should really have another small piece. Look, I take my cultural responsibilities as an American very seriously.

Ok, fine - it wasn't a small piece. Stop judging me.

After I ate my cake, it was about 11:00 so I thought it imperative that I get to blogging so that I could go to bed at a decent hour. So I hopped on my computer and spent some time "creepin' on" some people on facebook (thank you, Julia, for my new hip vocabulary word . . .) and then my friend Alana IM'd me. She told me that she and her sister-in-law Ashley were on the phone talking about me at that very moment. I noticed that Ashley was online, as well, so I IM'd her to say hey. So then the three of us IM'd while the two of them continued to talk on the phone. It was a true 21st century moment.

This IS the 21st century, right? That's always tripped me up . . .

ANYWAY, that doesn't leave me much time to blog. So I thought I'd just tell you this little story that my mom told me tonight.

My mom picked my youngest niece, Avery, up from school today and, on their way back to the house, my mom offered Avery a cookie. That's when it became clear that Avery is DEFINITELY my mom's granddaughter. Here is the conversation they had:

Mom: Do you want a cookie, Avery?

Avery: What kind is it?

Mom: Oatmeal. [hands it back to her]

Avery: [looking at it carefully] Does this have raisins in it?

Mom: Yep! Do you like raisins?

Avery: Uh huh. [still looking at the cookie . . .] this reminds me of suave. [pronounced "sua-vay" as in "Rico Suave"].

Mom: It reminds you of what?

Avery: Suave.

Mom: Suave?

Avery: Yeah. Suave.

Mom: Huh. I don't know what that is. What is Suave?

Avery: It's where we get a cookie.

Mom: Okay. What's it near?

Avery: It's near that one place.

Mom: Oh. Of course. How could I be so -

Avery: And we get a cookie there . . .

Mom: Okaaaaaaaaaaaay . . .

Avery: Suave. [looking confused and then pronouncing it really slowly . . .] Suaaaaaaaaaavaaaaaaaaay. Suave. Suave? Suabe? Sbobay? [suddenly the light goes on . . .] SUBWAY!!

I'm actually kinda surprised that my mom didn't immediately get it since Avery was speaking her language. Well, except that she didn't end it by shaking her head and saying "You girls . . ."

But I'm proud of Avery for pushing through and sticking with it until she got it right. She's such a cute little punkin'.

Mmmmmm. That reminds me - maybe I should have another piece of that pumpkin roll . . .


Magen Tuggle said...

Ashley B. introduced me to your blog, I love it, you crack me up!!! P.S. I have a serious love for all things pumpkin as well.

Catherine said...

Well thanks for reading it, Magen!!

And we are totally Pumpkin Soul Sisters now!!

Unknown said...

Is Avery's middle name Nora?

Phyllis Eddings said...

Pumpkin rolls are not on my diet, but d*mn, i wish they were.