Monday, December 13, 2010

A SOMETHING scene . . .

Savannah and Avery spent the night with me on Friday night because Erin and Matt had a Christmas party to attend. I decided that it would be fun to drive around looking at Christmas lights with the girls so we jumped in the car and started driving around in search of brightly-lit streets. We found a neighborhood with lots of streets and lots of decorated houses so we rolled the windows down and started admiring all the fun decorations. As we were driving, I saw few nativity scenes so, since we're all word people in my family and love learning new words, I thought I'd teach the girls that phrase . . .

Me: Oh look! It's a nativity scene! Do y'all know what a nativity scene is?
Savannah: No . . .
Me: Whenever you see a little scene with Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus and the manger, that's a nativity scene.
Savannah: Oh - that's what it's called?
Me: Yep! And sometimes there are animals in the nativity scene . . . or the three wise men . . . or shepherds . . . lots of different things. Let's see if we can spot all the nativity scenes out here.
Savannah: Okay . . .
[turning down the next street]
Me: What kind of decoration is your favorite to see in someone's front yard?
Avery: Ummmm . . . I don't know.
Savannah: I like the Santas.
Me: Me, too! And I like the -
Savannah: [spotting a nativity scene and pointing to it] CATCHY! A CRIME SCENE!!!!
Me: Good! You found one! But it's called a NATIVITY scene - not a crime scene. [butt clenched, saying a little prayer for her soul and hoping the Lord didn't strike my car with lightning . . .]
Savannah: Oh.
Avery: Yeah - it's not a CRIME scene, Savannah.
Me: But good eye on that one! You found it!
[turning down next street]
Savannah: [pointing] CATCHY! AN IMPROVETY SCENE!!
Me: Good!! A NATIVITY scene - good eye again, Savannah!
Savannah: [practicing under her breath] Improvety scene . . .
Me: Oh look - there's a little sleigh with a-
Savannah: [pointing] LOOK! AN IMPROVETY SCENE!!!
Avery: Savannah! It's NOT an improvety scene! It's a . . . a . . .
Me: A Nativity-
Avery: [then jumping in on the easy part] Scene.
[turning down next street]
Me: Ooooo - there are LOTS of lights down here. Oh look! There's Santa on a helicopter. That's silly! Santa doesn't drive a -
Savannah: [pointing] A CRIME SCENE!!!
Avery: SAVANNAH! It's not a CRIME scene!! It's a NEDUCATION scene!!
Me: [laughing too hard to correct either of them]
Savannah: [pointing] LOOK! AN INTENEVY SCENE!!
Avery: Savannah, you are making me so mad . . .

It was so hilarious. Poor Savannah was really trying but she just couldn't get it - and that was surprisingly frustrating to Avery. But I am happy to report that, the next morning - after Erin had picked them up - I got a phone call from Savannah telling me: "There are two NATIVITY scenes on my street!!!!" She was so excited and proud of herself that she finally got it right.

And I was excited that she'd stopped calling it a freaking crime scene . . .


Tam said...

baha. Love this. And, love that this is a real life account! So great. Miss you:)

Phyllis Eddings said...

Wow. Do they ever have their grandmother's genes.